Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Socialism attracted me more than Capitalism: Dutch Beauties

Just after returning from the undoubtedly 2 best months of my life, I am suffering from the inertia of relating to the Dutch ways with everything I see now again in India. Of course the thought is depressing, when I contemplate if I can ever go there again as well as amazing when I just think about the way, the days were passed. Therefore, for a few upcoming posts my blog shall only relate to Netherlands, the adventures there, the ways there and the differences I observed here and there.

One major difference in perspective now happens, with the girls here. In the past, I had been defensive about traits like natural beauty of the girls in my college, who were ridiculed so often by almost every guy around me. However this time, when I see them again, I can just ridicule at my own defenses.

The Dutch and the other European beauties have occupied my brain- left, right and center. However, taking my eyes off the campus (say into the passengers of the flight which I took), I am convinced there are beauties in India. And the best ones here may happen to be more beautiful than the average or even the highly attractive Dutch girls. However what brings a frown to my forehead is the ratio of the girls here, who can stop a man in his walk to have a careful gaze.

Netherlands, as I observed, is a far more equal country than India. The funny thing is this equality extends to beauty. While taking a stroll or sipping a glass of beer, I remember the numerous stoppages in my walk or speech, to marvel at the splendor of the beauties, who just happened to pass from there. Although initially only for the brunettes, by the end this ratio went up extremely high even in the case of blondes. To conclude, almost every Dutch girl I saw amazed me no ends- such was the equality of beauty.

However, I am convinced some of the Indian beauties I have seen outweigh most of the Dutch lot. Thus the capitalism model of India extends beyond the economy, where the rich can be extremely rich in beauty and the poor can be really hideous. On the contrary, none was hideous in Netherlands (I mean the original Dutch ones) although there was rarely anyone who surpassed the other girls by a clear margin (i.e. none was beautiful in extremes).

Personally I favor the Netherlands model of socialist beauty for the following reasons:

· They are an excellent and non-stop eye candy for the males, and they become better tourist attractions than the museums and architecture.

· Since almost all the girls are beautiful, almost every guy gets a beautiful girl as his partner

· Almost every girl being beautiful means hardly any of them has to feel poor, with some man interested in each of them. Thus the model favors the women also.

· Here the eyes have to desperately wait for some beautiful girl, and when an extremely gorgeous girl passes by, she already is a victim to a very high demand.

· With lack of beauty around us, we have to compromise with our beliefs of beauty and convince ourselves about natural beauty and stuff.

Even in economy, I never supported full-fledged capitalism, but when money is replaced by beauty I am finding myself a fan of the socialist model and thank the creator so much for this place, and for letting me be a part of this land for a substantial period of time.


pgm said...


Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

@ pgm:
elaborate !

Nuke Submarine said...

Yeah, Einstein, equate beauty to money. Because beauty can be acquired and 'improved upon', just like your financial status. Because state policies influence how much beauty you possess. I do realize btw that most of this post was not serious (if it was, it was poorer).
Seriously, this post has been a huge low in your otherwise excellent blog. PGM's comment sums it up pretty much.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Thanks Abhishek,
For that critical comment. I wasn't equating money and beauty wholly, and wasn't using this as a serious argument in favor of socialist model as a Governmental policy.
Rather I was penning down why an equal society in any parameter attracts me more than the one with obscene disparities.

Monika said...

I am an Indian, who lives in Amsterdam (I grew up here). I stumbled upon your blog while searching for the statistics about Indian population in the Netherlands. Anyhow, I don't know if you can know the concept of western 'beauty' just by living at a place for just 2 months. I must say that beauty and grooming does relate to one's culture, upbringing and the access to things in general. As you might know, the society here is extremely materialistic (hunger to buy whatever one wants), open (nobody judges anyone on anything) and quite democratic (concept of equality, although being a law student, I can tell you that things aren’t as equal as they are stated in the constitution).
It’s unfortunate as you haven’t spoken about boys who are equally conscious about the way they look and follow the latest trends as they have money (everyone is allowed to work for the pocket money from the age of 14). As far as girls are concerned, girls here (I must say Europe/West) love to wear make up at all times, love to follow the trends, groom themselves and if I compare that to when I go to India, I have noticed that wearing makeup is something girls do at marriages or at some special occasion there. Even wearing high heels is considered as something you do on some special occasion. I don’t get that but might have something to do with the culture. In India, studies are given more importance than looking good. Also, if you ask me, I would say that Indians in India are more intelligent and less biased about the West (needs explanation but I won’t divert from the topic of ‘beauty).
If you are defining beauty by the colour of skin, then it won't be a fair analysis nor very equitable. Also having white skin/blonde hair or blue/green eyes doesn’t make one beautiful (at all), features are all that matters. There are loads of ugly people here like every race/society has ugly as well as beautiful people.
I think Indian girls are very beautiful but lack the consciousness of looking good or fashionable (mostly people in India have many more things to think of than paying attention to how they look). Indian girls here are equally, if not better looking than other 'blonde' girls because they follow the same concept of looking good in appearance.

Monika said...

cont: I think Indian girls are very beautiful but lack the consciousness of looking good or fashionable (mostly people in India have many more things to think of than paying attention to how they look). Indian girls here are equally, if not better looking than other 'blonde' girls because they follow the same concept of looking good in appearance.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Monika, I don't know whether you will read this reply again, but I will nevertheless reply.
I am not trying to define beauty in anyway whether by color of skin or eyes, but rather just something that brings pleasure to the eyes, and draws a gaze.
I didn't mention about the guys, because I didn't pay attention to how they were looking. My blog is full of mentions of Indian beauties, and how they sometimes outweigh the Dutch beauties in their looks. I was just ridiculing at their rare presence rather than all-pervasive sense of beauty.
I suppose you last came to India long time back, because Indian girls do dress westernized a lot nowadays especially in Delhi and Chandigarh (the cities where I belong). Yet the culture here is not open of course. India today is a very materialistic country amongst the rich, but the products they vie for are American ones only.
Equality does exist more than India in Netherlands, much more (I respect your being a law student, but comparison-wise I am sure you would agree).
Thanks anyways for the comment on my blog. Glad.

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