Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adventures: Spanish Girl

“Very often in your life you will find a girl, who will divide your life into before you met her and after you met her.”

The quotation almost speaks for itself. This post is about a girl who almost divided my stay in Netherlands into chunks before I met her and after she left. Despite knowing her name, and having shared it with at least one person, I would refer her name with the name I used with everyone else ‘The Spanish Girl’.

When I was transferred to my new apartment in Delft on 18th June, I was confronted with the tough task of understanding how things function myself, especially the internet. Desperate for help, I knocked at every door the next morning in the neighborhood. Although the corridor seemed totally empty, thankfully in one of the doors someone opened and helped me. And from that very moment for a week, my mind allowed me little liberty to think about anything but this angelic girl who stood here at the doorsteps, having left me almost open-mouthed out of lust.

Of course, this wasn’t love. Nevertheless, it was a severe case of infatuation. I couldn’t help acting in the kiddish ways, strategizing every moment to be with her. Unlike the conservative Indian society, thankfully I was within her room in a day and invited her to mine as well. Alas, she was an Exchange student from Spain and was due to leave home within the next week. Moreover, she wasn’t alone and shared a kitchen with three other people, who seemed like a closely knit group. Thus she spent her time with them and being the new guy, I often avoided interrupting them and thus wandered desperately in the corridors like a haunted soul. Nevertheless, I did end up interrupting at times and I knew I didn’t do it well.

Finally, on 25th June (yeah the same date 2 years later) she was leaving. For long hours, I kept thinking of an appropriate farewell gift so as to seal myself in her memory. Nevertheless, I wasn’t willing to pester her in the traditional way telling how much I had been attracted to her, when it would do me no good, while may end up annoying her. Thus although I initially I prepared a gift, in the form of a note with drawings of Spainish flag, Indian flag, a balustrade dancer (she liked dancing) and the words ‘Que Sera Sera’ it became the only gift of my life which I withheld. After being advised by my sister, I bought a chocolate for her. When she came to bid me a final time in my room, I was prepared for it.

Handling her the chocolate, and bidding goodbye in 4 different languages (should have been 6- if I remembered Hindi and Bengali for goodbye), I felt it must have been one of the most dramatic goodbyes she would have received. Before leaving she asked me how Indians greeted while leaving. Like a true moron, I spoke “Hand-shake”. We shook hands, and when she was leaving I said “You forgot to bid me in the Spanish style”. This was a last resort, to have a memorable goodbye, and was one of the wisest of my life, as I got a tight intimate (at least I felt that way) hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was blushing, and clearly became my best day of my stay till then. It was a fantastic adventure, and virtually divided my stay in Netherlands into the two parts mentioned initially.



cool sid..the way u write is so smooth..u should seriously consider writing s novel..the whole description is so "unputdownable"..n believe me ur soulmate is just waiting for u sumwhere..tc :)

P.S. i loved the quote in the beginning..will use it sumwhere in the future :)

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

Thanks so much Karun. Definitely being an author is not among my career prospects. I prefer columns as of now.

Thanks for providing me with that hope. Hopefully, her wait won't be long :)

PS. The quote I borrowed from Piyush, who borrowed it from a movie he just saw. :)

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