Monday, February 7, 2011

A generation of leg-pullers

Sometimes we are serious, the rest we prefer to be light-humorous moments. Inevitably, mostly the humor gets based on laughing at someone (or thing). Mood overcomes rationality, teasing often gets directed at someone else having what we aspire (never confessing this).

For instance, my department-mates utter the word Netherlands, Orange or Holland often while finding me nearby and laugh-out-loud (LOL indeed!). This is despite the fact each one here aspires to go abroad, and would grab the opportunity if handed.

I don’t claim to be different or more rational in this regard. I participate in speaking non-sense and littering the FB wall of a hostel neighbor with absurd jokes, when he is speaking to a specific girl on phone or converses on Facebook with her. Again, this is despite everyone’s desire of speaking to girls themselves and half of us looking forward to girlfriends.

At the root, leg-pulling (fake teasing) tendency arises out of jealousy. In moments of fun, we choose to ignore that feeling to enjoy. However, this influences the serious moments as well, where the realization of a possible jealousy gets washed away believing otherwise, thus increasing the intensity of “acts we call fun” each time, rather than tackling them with rationality analyzing the matter deserves to be more than a laughing stock, with the other possessing our desires.

PS. To those leg-pullers, who claim Netherlands experience made me abuse India more, as I said earlier there was always dissatisfaction with India in me (who isn’t?). The trip just exemplified the validity of a few theories.
To those, who feel I despise everything Indian, please keep your ears open when I praise Indian food above Dutch ones, Delhi Metro-stations, Bollywood actresses (not comparing) and wonderful Hindi slow music (movies do suck!) and certain other things.


pgm said...

uhm, hmmm... just goes to show how jealous everyone is of not being able to creatively solve problems, eh?

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

funnily (and nicely) put! Such humor -and not on someone else "rather"- is constructive!
The other type of humor tends to bury rationality in the long-run.

Jealousy is not the main thing in the article. It is just a plausible cause for the leg-pulling. I often prefer rationality than senseless humor (although get involved in the latter myself often, as stated)

sim only deals said...

are you among them..?
just kidin..

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