Sunday, March 13, 2011

Youth is the Future of the Nation!!?

(Pre-Script: Devoted to the recent politics season which concluded, in which I was a mere spectator this time. However the claims made involve past-experience as an active part of it and conversations)

The furore with the messy political conditions in the nation are quite widespread, alongside a belief that today's youth can change the conditions in the years to come. The top is rotting due to the old men at the center with conservative non-progressive views. If it were the youth rather, with modern liberal views and high-energy levels they would have drastically changed the face of India. Especially the guys from the premier institutions are capable of reform. These aren't essentially my views, but ones which I come across quite often.

The positions of responsibility provide a similar exposure to the students in a miniature scale to make them capable of changing things at the national level at a future stage in life. However there are lots of students who view these as a source of boosting chances of a higher placement package. It doesn't end there, as a long-term means to achieving more money. The fests they organize involve huge sums of money and they are  involved in siphoning money by forging bills, getting dealers involved (from Old Delhi especially) in sharing profits and thus being an integral part of the corrupt process. Moreover, there is an understanding between the parties concerned to diplomatically state "Our own money is stuck, and our bills are pending". True! The events do get organized- crowd turnouts do happen as expected- and the stated mission is accomplished, but so did the Commonwealth Games in the end. The projected democracy here is a huge farce as some of the coveted institute posts end up with 'only one interested' candidate to hold office while some people are abstained by force (point in case: QC). Votes are sold, deals are made and only a small proportion of votes go to whom the voter would have deemed deserving in the absence of such forces.

Hardly do the students know the actions (or inaction) of some of these representative Secretaries cause them monetary losses as the money comes from hostel mess fees. I by no means suggest high moral standards for those holding positions of responsibility (after all I have been in those shoes, even if not with those considered the most prestigious as it offers them a chance to play with larger sums) but just want to point a contradiction, as the same stands for those in power at the center. The nation increasingly expects them to work towards public welfare, with a minimal fixed salary (the equivalent of a certificate) and criticizes them for working towards vote-banks. Of course, working towards vote banks is the logical thing to do, if you are to avoid siphoning money (there has to be some dynamic incentive).

Thus my conclusion- those who demand youth replacement at the centre would do no better than the ones currently at the helm, and would work with the same aims, incentives and means. Money would continue to be siphoned, power would continue to be misused just the hands would change. The only difference which would occur when the youth would replace the old would be the fervency with which activities would take place, which would mean the pace would increase and stagnation reduce but also money would be siphoned with an increased vigor and at a higher pace.

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