Friday, September 30, 2011


A simple title, a simple post- based on an event, which created lots of hassles in my life- an examination known as the GRE. I had previously once enumerated how it caused me much undesired pain, and since it became an important chapter in my life it was inevitable another post be written for it.

#Lastcompetitivexam- This is effectively the last competitive exam I write, for which I prepare. I have never quoted "Kucch nahin padha tha" and giggled -as if that was so cool- till date (showing I confess to studying when I do- and I do mostly), but from now on, any competitive exam I give (if I do) I vow to myself not to study really. Preparations are hell tiring, they demand so much compromise on the part of jolly living and may not yield correspondingly satisfactory results.

#Monotheism- Once a devout follower, this seems troublesome as my beliefs have now changed and the only God is not Hanuman or Christ or the concept of a divine force- rather 'he' goes by the name of Murphy, and I've realized my life's task is to defeat this God in whom I have started believing.

#Kinship- Unfortunately however much I try to dissociate myself from this God, he looms over my life. As Tulsyan (Murphy's competitor for being The God, and making me a Ditheist) once stated "Murphy kept you in mind while framing his laws" and also "Murphy tera rishtedaar hai pakka", I can't help but believe in the kinship theory maybe in past births. This is not mere indignation, but a continual habit of satisfying the worst-case analyses.

#Actualexam- I scored 750-800 in Quantitative Analysis -which I would like to believe to be 800- while in Verbal I scored 500-600 where I won't be optimistic by a simple application of Murphy's Law. Thus a score of 1300- 1400, which is not considered bad but considering the preparation and the belief (of others) about my familiarity with English, it is a major letdown.

#AnalyticalWriting- Still waiting for the results for it, takes around 2 weeks. This was somewhat my area, discussing a topic of general interest and debating on it. Having been blogging for so long, writing here and there this isn't surely a skill I need to 'develop' now and I look forward to a good score. The topic was "Colleges should convince students to choose their areas of interest rather than ones which fetch good jobs" (there was a better word for convince, which I am forgetting). Time was restricted- 30 minutes thus limiting my flow of ideas, but nevertheless I spoke freely of the surge of individuality in the Modernist period, its need etc etc as well as citing good jobs mean market demand, logically implying social need thus motivating students to pursue lines with good jobs ensure lucre for the student as well as fulfilling the needs of the society. (The evaluators don't want the writer to seem bigoted, and want them to analyze both sides of the coin).

#Grumbling- What a hopeless examination! Why do examiners care about my knowledge- even worse, vocabulary- of English when words where I get stuck can be Googled and my area of future studies would almost surely be technical. Moreover, the new format sucks- with the multiple blanks for the same question, and no partial marking and a looming ambiguity in so many questions where more than one answer could've been feasible on certain instances but were not. A paper in English should not be Objective!


Nishita said...

wtf happened yo your blog's theme?!

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

it's same for the past 1 year..Don't know what made you observe any changes!

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