Sunday, November 6, 2011

Messing the Unmessed (HD)

Yet another incident in my life- true to the blog title- surprisingly this time, I was demoted to the position of a silent spectator (call accomplice at worst, if you may) as apparently experts- to whom I had referred- efficiently messed situations from apparently unmessed ones.

  • ~15 August: As I switch on my laptop, the unusual tragedy which follows compels me to refer to the local expert- Kshitij Tulsyan(remember that name, he has a bigger role to play later). The laptop didn't switch on, despite many tries convincing even Tulsyan the problem was beyond his skills, pushing me towards unreliable stores of Nehru Place for a cure. After 4 days of touring and Rs. 1500 in expenditure, I got back a running laptop, with all but one thing working- Windows. It had been corrupted, and in the classic Nehru Place style they offered a 1-month warranty excluding software errors in the claim (including Windows crashes in the exclusions).
  • #Problem: Though I am not much of a coder and Windows suits me more, I found life with Ubuntu workable. This was until at home, I realized the data card which worked only in Windows, demanded a life of internet-continence for my duration at home. Installing Virtual Machine didn't resolve the problem either. Moreover, MATLAB wasn't working, oDC was back- it was time to get Windows alongside Ubuntu once again.
  • 3rd November, 2011: I pleaded Kshitij Tulsyan to install Windows for me, and without a CD (desperate to have it installed finally) I suggest to use Onboard NIC service (provided by Computer Service Center (CSC) at IIT-Delhi for installing Windows 7), requiring laptop to be connected to LAN cord. As the process is on, and the active installation screen shows an affirmative tick ahead of "Copying Files" and a ticking meter for "Installing", Tulsyan feels the urgency of LAN cord elsewhere and pulls it out ("But I thought the image had already been copied"). Doom follows. Following this act, the laptop can run neither Ubuntu, nor Windows but the enormity is realized only after a bootable Ubuntu disk is inserted to at least have the Ubuntu working again. Alas, all the data has been lost- the Hard Disk rather than having the 3 partitions of Windows, Ubuntu and Other Data now has 1 partition, of all 500 GB, with no data. Of course, I didn't have backup for most of it. Still, believing in Tulsyan's ability of miracles (after all, he is considered the God) I prayed until he gave up and convinced of the sarcastic undertone in the use of 'God' against his name, having done the impossible, messed the unmessed Ubuntu, Hard Disk.
  • 4th November 2011: Back to the nemesis, Nehru Place. Enter a shop with poster of Data Recovery, haggle over the price settling for Rs. 1200. After 5 hours of waiting (and vendor's optimism about his capability during these hours), and me praying to God (the one of Churches, temples) after a long time finally my new God- Murphy- triumphs yet again, as the vendor replies in negative.
  • 5th November 2011: A confident vendor keeps the Hard Disk for 2 days, giving me a few hopes and a few more lessons.
  • 6th November 2011: Running the laptop with a bootable Ubuntu disk and without a hard disk, I am writing this blog article.
  • As non-IIT students maybe thinking, being an IIT student why do I have to run to others to get system faults fixed. I'm sure the IITians understand. Just to clarify, the knowledge from these years hasn't really developed any practical skills. Now I am eager to learn doing this myself, so that the degree is good for something, other than brand name and pomp.
  • Keep backup for all important data outside the laptop (preferably in Gmail). Moreover, maintain a file stating the data you have.
  • Messing the Unmessed is an axiom in my life.
  • Agnosticism, leaning to atheism, doesn't have good payoffs. But then, I may just be attributing the losses to this faultily.
  • One of the Gods I believe in has successfully defeated the other- Tulsyan lost to the wrath of Murphy, and now I believe in the only omnipotent Murphy.


Prashant said...

Nicely written!

Well, I am now convinced, it's usual that such unusual things happen with you! ;)

Divyam Singhal said...

you could have come to me. i have recovered data for a couple of friends before. you just threw away 1200. and don't paint a negative image of people at iit delhi just because you're a tech retarded mathematician.

Siddharth Bhattacharya said...

arrey sahi, Bakhe!
Of course, if he couldn't repair he wouldn't take the payment. I haven't spent. Shall I bring it now to you? (Owe me for HUL238 essay as well)
Very few know, it's not as if everybody other than me knows how to recover a partition table. And of course, I said in my personal context, that this knowledge isn't helping me, maybe helping others.

@ Prashant: Yeah, time and again, the blog title gets justified.

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