Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grades 7.0

Academics undoubtedly forms an important part of my life at college, and at least deserves a post at the end of every semester. Posts in the first half of my curriculum (Semester 1-5) had an intonation of frustration, signaling indignation with the system arising from a combination of inability to score as well as not getting to terms with lack of respect for ‘genuine learning’. Two semesters later, inability to score is a thing of the past but sadly so is the quest for such learning. It took me 7 semesters to become a 7-pointer! Underperformance in the initial stages looms over the rest of the stay persistently, and it has taken high-level scoring to undo the stigma of being a 6-pointer. Here is how my report card looks like:













So I felt the need to pen-down the reason which I feel is behind the unexpected soaring of grades within a short period. Generally such a boost is noted for me in the case of hurt pride- on occasions when I am unable to perform in accordance with the arrogant attitude I am somehow used to carrying. Such a thing did happen for me here as well, when I had decided following the 4th semester to focus myself more on studies rather than the stuff I was used to doing in the previous 2 years. Result- I failed and another post full of indignation. Disillusionment followed and I vowed not to be inclined towards academics the next semester, and tour Delhi more often- be more active in Quizzing, visit more colleges after the realization that half my college life was still remaining- and either I could end it cursing like the first half (waiting for it to end), or make it memorable for myself- to be able to enjoy it thoroughly.

To be able to enjoy the semester, I dropped some courses which were sure to make life more difficult- despite them being core(compulsory courses) postponing them for another day. I didn’t opt exclusively for more Atmospheric Science courses or some Rural Development ones- in order to fetch higher grades, but the general ones I do- Graph Theory under Tripathi Sir (but I’d developed the sense to audit it), core courses like Software Engineering, DBMS, DIP—tough enough, but somehow we had a lot less minors to write and I was lot less concerned. With my lenient attitude, distaste for learning (it would be unfair to refute the role of sycophantic attitude with certain teachers) I somehow managed to score a decent 8.2- without tension in my head, I was able to write the exams, study in the last few days much more casually. Thus I would cite lack of tension as the main reason, alongside newly developed sense of understanding what sort of questions to expect rather than why the phenomenon were happening the way they were.

The 7th semester was just riding the wave of my previous semester’s good performance- with a new confidence, knowing that 8 SG was a possibility and carrying the same lenient ways- touring Delhi. Again the choice of courses turned out to be excellent, with regard to the number of minor exams to write but the courses weren’t tactfully chosen- but a rare incident of my lack being favorable. I had just happened to fill the courses most suitable for me (other than Cryptography-compulsion of DE and being rejected for a Humanities course in the same slot), the ones which I actually found interesting- Algorithmic Game Theory, Economics & Literature courses. True- they were easy courses, and were instrumental in lifting my grades.

Attendance was as bad as always in Maths courses- but still I managed 8s, lots of credit to question-oriented studies, while it was almost full in Algorithmic Game Theory(1 absent), European Renaissance (3 absents), Planning and Economic Development (3-4 absents)- each of these courses without any attendance requirements. No classes after 1 anyday helped in keeping the mood positive. As a result of the increased confidence (from the previous semester), I had developed the knack to score a minimum 8 in each course. The grades finally turned better than my most optimistic calculations- completely contrary to worse than worst calculations earlier. Three perfect 10s amounted to a SG of 8.91, and exiting the club of 6-pointers. Overall it has been the lack of hectic minors (6 in a semester), provision to lead a more relaxed life with less tension which I believe was instrumental in yielding some good grades.

PS. My heart still lies with the 6-pointers, and would react to shit like "even the 6-pointers got this".

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