Saturday, March 3, 2012

I wish God Existed

I would be speaking as a witness to one side of a (an almost) legal issue. Being close to them, I
could be party to their views and disenchantment regarding the case. I couldn't listen to the other side first hand, but the mere fact that they were the prosecutors, I could imagine their feeling of being aghast and cribbing at the unfairness of it all while here speculations ran on the possibility of money extraction motives and no attachment to the cause as probable reasons. Despite attempting to provide my support (emotionally) to one side, a certain thought crossed my mind. Let me affirm before stating this I am not an Atheist as some perceive, neither am I a firm believer. Diplomatically speaking, you may classify me as an Agnostic but as a skeptic I pretty much don't believe God exists. Christopher Hitchens defines an Anti-theist as “direct opposition to any deity” or “opposed to belief in existence of God”. What I am definitely not is an Anti-theist. And thus the thought which crossed my mind was: I wished God did exist.

Now you maybe wondering on the nature of the digression from speaking about a legal case to
delving into the debates on theism. Does it have to do with seeking his help in this time of need
since God is Omnipotent. Well, no! Rather I looked forward to the existence of God due to the
classic example of “duality” I was witnessing as I wished it weren't there. Duality on light works,
on daily life I discovered it may not. My usage of the word here refers to the dual perspectives
offered about the same thing when seen from different person's eyes. This maybe primarily caused by lack of information on either side. Whatever the reason be, a customized perspective provides each side with the self-righteousness and the determination to fight till death despite being wrong at times. What's worse, this self-righteousness often becomes the foundation for vengeance and a non-ending vicious cycle until things go beyond reparations as each of them feels wronged reigniting the feeling of revenge. Of course to provide justice and determine which side is right, judiciary exists on the earth. But that is where I wished God had been the substitute. For this God must be omniscient (all-knowing) and won't suffer from the classic lack-of-information which in the real world is the cause for the wronged self-righteousness and to make up for which produced evidences are required in front of the judges. Being heavily dependent on the same, it suffers from a huge setback leading to the fair side being wronged at many times- an undesirable situation definitely.

Thus God, without needing any produced evidence would be able to pass judgment letting justice
prevail ending the concept of duality and multiple perspectives to the same issue. After all isn't it
desirable for a single incident to be seen in the same way by all (including both sides)? Thus, in the world of subjective opinions I wish for an objective- but an objective not defined by another man but an actual God, as envisaged by the Churches of faith around the world. Just like light- which reveals its either facet depending on the situation- the analogy with mankind is similar where only the side which one wishes to see is perceived. But as said earlier although the duality of light as a wave and particle has opened various branches of research with many implications, it would be useful for this duality to vanish from daily life such that each observer perceives a given event in the same way, analyzing the righteousness in a uniform way. I know there are some huge fallacies in this demand and a Godless world may flourish more (with its arts as a result of the subjective opinions brought forth), I get this feeling often that many situations would be better off were there no subjectivity and objectivity prevailed.

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